◙ Zetsu ◙




Z-Leeching spore


C-Leeching spore barrage

B-Teleportation jutsu



Z-Leeching spore


C-Leeching spore barrage

B-Teleportation jutsu


Z+Z-[A simple combo just to get things started or to finish of runners left with 15%-20% health]

Pill+X+C-[Kill combo if the initial X isn't blocked,dodged,healed]

Pill+X+X-[A combo that does good damage]

Pill+C+T-[If your enemy is a blocker then aim the Leeching spore barrage at him and while hes in the spores press T to break his guard and leaving the way free for the spores to damage him]

X+T-[Solid damage,can't be blocked only dodged]


Leeching spore-Altho it doesn't do much damage you should dodge or block this

Devour-You should dodge this one if you don't,you might get chained into a leeching spore barrage combo block only if there is no other way.

Leeching spore barrage:Dodge this if you block you might get exposed to a throw resulting in a possible death

Teleportation jutsu:Zetsu users will teleport mainly to do a leeching spore barrage or to do "Devour",keep distance of keep a few clones at hand.

►How to use Guide:

Use Zetsu any way you usually play wether it's defenssive,offensive or all around.Zetsus X is very good to brake blocks and his B does come in handy to dodge.If you're playing against a player who knows how to block don't even try the Leeching spore barrage without X or T.

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