Shisui Uchiha



Z-Fire style:Phoenix fire jutsu(Katon:Hosenka no jutsu)

X-Genjutsu:Mangekyo sharingan

C-Defensive Susano'o

B-Shunshin no jutsu (Body-flicker technique)


Z-Fire style:Fireball jutsu

X-Mangekyo sharingan:Distinguished Heavenly gods (Kotoamatsukami)


B-Shunshin no jutsu (Body-flicker technique)



X+Z-[Kill combo if not blocked,dodged,healed.Use pill if the foe is a longer distance away]

Z+Z-[Does a good ammount of damage]

Pill+X+X+(Optional)T-[Kill combo if not dodged,blocked,heald]

Pill+B+C-[You need to get close enough to do the Susano'o on your foe]


Z+Z-[Kill combo if not blocked,dodged,healed]

Pill+X+(wait for enemy to trip)Z-[Kill combo if not blocked,dodged,healed]

Pill+X+X-[Kill combo if not blocked,dodged,healed]

Pill+X+C-[Kill combo if you're accurate enough or if not blocked,dodged,healed]


Fire style:Phoenix fire jutsu(Katon:Hosenka no jutsu):Dodge this,if you block you will stay in place and most likely get hit by a barrage of 6 more mini-fireballs,you will run out of chakra before you know it and you'll be unable to block.

Mangekyo sharingan:Genjutsu:Dodge this or block,Altho if you do block you might get thrown thus taking damage from the throw and the Genjutsu.

Defensive Susano'o:Dodge this or block,If you do block zoom out so that you lag less.

Shunshin no jutsu (Body flicker technique):Your opponent might use this to get close to you and use the Genjutsu or fire style.

Fire style:fireball jutsu:Block or dodge this at all cost if you get hit by one of these and don't block you have a 60% death chance because your opponent will most likely do another fireball

Mangekyo sharingan:Distinguished heavenly gods(Mangekyo sharingan:Kotoamatsukami):Dodge this or if your timing is right block this,dodging is more recommended)

Susano'o:Make the Susano'o hit the clones or dodge it,Shisui's Susano'o has the longest "Use" time before it runs out and it can cross a little over half of the map because of this duration.

►How to use Guide:

I play offensive with Shisui because his speed is great and thus it allows you to cover vast portions of the map,catch runners,or just for dodging.Not to mention his OP x it always use it with a throw combined so that i can damage blockers aswell.Don't get cocky tho Shisui is strong however you should still be modest and be cautios when fightning skilled opponents.When using the Susano'o avoid clones,if you do hit clones your Susano'o loses the capability to damage your enemy.

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