Sasuke Uchiha


This page is for the tips and info for the character in NSUNS3, Sasuke Uchiha

Jutsu ListEdit

Z= Lightning Style: Chidori (Recommended that you block.)

X= Fire Style-Grand Fireball Jutsu (Recommended that you dodge.)

C= Kirin (Recommended that you block.)

B= Genjutsu: Demonic Illusion of Pain (Recommended that you dodge.)

Ctrl(control): Chidori Senbon (Dodge)


Sasuke Kirin Attack

Z= Lightning Style: Dark Chidori (Recommended that you block.)

X= Scorch Style: Amateratsu (Recommended that you dodge.)

C= Susanoo (Recommended that you dodge, you can very easily block but will most likely lag.)

B= Genjutsu- Tsukuyomi (Recommended that you dodge.)



Z(chidori)+T-[Very high damage with this combo]


Pill+B(Genjutsu:demonic illusion of pain)+B+(optional)T


Z+T(again,very powerful plus the dark chidori=kill)

X+Z-[You could do double Amaterasu but its up to you)

Pill+B+B+Z-[My personal kill combo along with Z+T,insanely Op great combo for finishing opponents with 100%Hp]


- Sasuke is one of the any characters who can be much more potent while unawakened. His fireball is much faster and more difficult to block than his amaterasu.

-While unawakened, you will probably want to stick with using his Fireball due to its low cost, high damage, and high speed. While awakened, you should move on to using hit genjutsu and very possibly his Chidori. As with a lot of other characters, his ultimate is a bit of a waste due to how it is easily blocked or dodged.

When Fighting Edit

-Always expect a genjutsu, fireball, or Kirin/Susano'o. These are all very powerful moves that can easily be dealt with if you can predict when your opponent will use them. If your opponent suddenly looks directly at you from any sort of range, they will likely move into using his Genjutsu or fireball. At melee range, they will most likely go into Kirin or Susano'o. Simply hitting L or P right before this happens can cause your opponent to waste some chakra and set you up for a counter attack.

-Don't try to block a fireball unless you have already been hit. Sasuke's fireball is a long DoT jutsu and you may very possibly be hit by another Fireball before the damage has already been done. If you have been hit, try to block the first second of the attack, flip into the air and block the final moments of the attack. This way most of the damage will be blocked and your opponent will not already have their next fireball locked onto you.



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