This page is dedicated to the info and tips of the character Rikudo Sage Naruto

Rikudo Sage Naruto by chouzuXtao

Jutsu List Edit


Z- Rasengan

X- Giant Rasengan

C- Shadow Clone Giant Rasengan Barrage

V- Shadow Clone Rasengan Barrage(Below 50% is Shadow Clone Jutsu)

B- Kuchiyose Summoning: Frog


Naruto 601 bm naruto tailed beast bomb by pinkgirl123-d5ehkj7


Z- Super Mini tailed Beast bomb

X- Mini-Rasen-Shuriken

C- Nine Tailed Beast Bomb(Biju Bomb)


Tips Edit

-When Unawakened, one of the combos that I use is chakra pills, run up to the opponent and use C, then Z

-Awakened for Naruto is very OP thanks to the very powerful Z, which takes a very little amount of chakra and does a very good amount of damage

-When fighting Naruto its very crucial to space yourself between you and the opponent Naruto because his C is very deadly when all clones hit you

-Always take down the clones with shuriken/kunai to know which is the real Naruto and to lighten up damage if they ever hit you

-This character is easy to use, all of it's attacks require you to just aim and run

- This character is very dangerous even if 1 attack hits you it can be dangerous

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