Obito DLC costs R$ 85.

Jutsu's :

Z = Bansho Fan

X = Mangekyo Sharingan:time-space migration

C = Edo Tensei (Utakata or Yugito)

B = Short Distance Warp

Awakened :

Z = Great Fanned Fire

X = Mangekyo Sharingan:time-space migration

C = Summoning: Gedo Mazo

B = Firestyle:Grand fireball jutsu

G =Short distance warp



Pill+X+(wait 3 seconds)Z

Pill+X+(wait 3 seconds) C

Pill+(wait for the effects to kick in)Shuriken+C


Z+B-[Kill combo if not blocked,healed or dodged]

Pill+B+B-[Sometimes results in a kill]

Pill+X+C-[You dont have to wait 3 secs for this kamui combo]


-Bansho fan: This move can't be blocked moreover,the wind tornado that comes out is Temari's C making this the most Op Z in the game,either dodge this or block with shadow clones.

-Mangekyo Sharingan;time-space migration:Also can't be blocked,dodge only.

-Edo tensei:You can block or dodge this,if you're using a character who has genjutsu or kamui,press P(frontflip) then while in mid air do pills then use genjutsu or kamui on obito,he can't block it because he wasted all of his chakra on the edo tensei move.

-Gedo mazo:You could outrun it,or get close to it,block,and let it hit you(if you have full chakra)or hit it with a jutsu that stuns/trips opponents. Some jutsu that trip foes:Venomous snake jutsu,Bubble-style jutsu,Wind style:cyclone schyte,Wind style:Tornado drop,Wood binding jutsu,Sakuras z,Tsuunades z,Chojis z,Sakuras C,Flaming puppet,Mud wall,Sand style iron sand,Water style:water wave,Water style:water vortex,Water style:tearing torrent,Water style:exploding water shockwave,Wind style:windwave,Kamui,Firestyle:Toad flame bomb,Shinra tensei,Chibaku tensei,

-Many people consider this as the most over powered character in the game since all of his attacks are effective

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