Eye of a god

Nagato Edit

holder of the rinnegan and six paths

Nagato is one of my favorites and hes a good character for you to use in the game, hes great for long range and short range combat and his skills are very effective and useful in a fight as well as a variety of combos you can perform with him.


z: Summoning lobster

x: Shinra tensei

c: 6 paths of pain

b: Chibaku tensei

(please correct if wrong)

COMBOS: use B-Chibaku tensei which cause some effective damage and right after you use b charge a little (half way) and then quickly use shinra tensei for the kill  this combo has 60-65 %. Sometimes it fails because they either awaken, use ramen, or you're to slow !!!!Edit

Use shuriken and kunai for extra damage if possible then use C- Six paths clones for damage and distraction then charge + use pills and use Z- Summoning lobster and ram them back and forth (if he/she still alive charge a little again and use X)

TIPS: Nagato is very skillful for example,when you're in danger and you need quick space between you and your enemy use shira tensei X or C to charge up, not only is these to moves are defensive its also for offense. Edit

Nagatos Rod is an extremely effective melee tool,it's the second strongest in the game.

Keep distance when fightning Nagato and preferably fight with a character who has some type of a defensive wall.

Credits by : Mrgameboy706 (tell me what you think about this or edit)

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