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Eye of a god


holder of the rinnegan and six paths

Nagato is one of my favorites and hes a good character for you to use in the game, hes great for long range and short range combat and his skills are very effective and useful in a fight as well as a variety of combos you can perform with him.


z: Summoning lobster

x: Shinra tensei

c: 6 paths of pain


b: Chibaku tensei

(please correct if wrong)

COMBOS: use B-Chibaku tensei which cause some effective damage and right after you use b charge a little (half way) and then quickly use shinra tensei for the kill  this combo has 60-65 %. Sometimes it fails because they either awaken, use ramen, or you're to slow !!!![]

Use shuriken and kunai for extra damage if possible then use C- Six paths clones for damage and distraction then charge + use pills and use Z- Summoning lobster and ram them back and forth (if he/she still alive charge a little again and use X)

TIPS: Nagato is very skillful for example,when you're in danger and you need quick space between you and your enemy use shira tensei X or C to charge up, not only is these to moves are defensive its also for offense. []

Nagatos Rod is an extremely effective melee tool,it's the second strongest in the game.

Keep distance when fightning Nagato and preferably fight with a character who has some type of a defensive wall.

Credits by : Mrgameboy706 (tell me what you think about this or edit)