Jutsu List Edit

Kiba Inuzuka


Z= Defensive Tsugan

X= Tsugan(short attack time and hard to control)

C= Tsugan(long attack time and easy to control)

B= Smoke Bomb


Z= Defensive Tsugan

X= Tsugan(longer attack time)

C= Tsugan(higher damage)

B= Smoke Bomb

Combat Tips Edit

-When fighting Kiba, either block or use a defensive move such as Water Wave or Earth Wall since you know that Kiba only has one offensive move

-Using Kiba may prove difficult against a skilled player, because since Kiba technically has only 1 move Tsugan

-Kiba doesn't count as spam since he only has 1 move Tsugan

EXTRA SIDE TIPS BY- Mrgameboy Edit

when a person is distracted or charging use pills to run up to them and rapidly tap z ( 85% instant kill) Also be careful using Tsugan on nagato(shira tense), genjutsu users, and long range characters.

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